November 9, 2017

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Cross Nativity Design Space Cut File

A couple of weeks back someone in the group posted a picture of a wooden cross that was made up of scenes from the nativity. The person wanted to know if there was an SVG file for the cross. I said I doubted because the cross was most likely a template for a scroll saw. Then I thought "What a fun challenge! I'll use ALL Design Space images to design one." Hours later I had it done, but the app was not saving it. So, a few days later after there was an update for the app to fix the issue I was having of not being able to save, I started all over and was finally able to save the file! YAY!! Hours of work in this image right here. The images are from the Cricut Access* exclusive Dimensional Scenes- Nativity. So, if you don't have Cricut Access*, you won't be able to cut the file.

I hope to see what you make with this image.

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Design Space File - Click Here to Download


  1. This is fantastic, Jooniper! So generous of you to share this file. And I know it was one a lot were interested in!

    1. Thanks! I just seen it as a challenge. It was fun to figure out all the scenes and how to get them all to fit in the cross shape.

  2. Thank you for sharing this lovely cut file!