December 14, 2016

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Santa's Magic Key Write Then Cut Design Space Cutting File

I designed this Santa's Magic Key last year. I used all Cricut images and fonts that are included in the Cricut Access subscription. The key is from Michael's $1.50 bin and I added the gold glitter to the key using Glossy Accents. The glitter sheds a little, but that's the fun of glitter getting it all over the place HAHA!!

The poem is written by the Explore and says:
Dear Santa,
There's no chimney here you see,
so here's a special magic key.
Use this key on Christmas eve,
and put it back before you leave.
There are 2 sets of holes for the ribbon to be threaded through. You tie a nice little bow around the key, then pull the tail ends through of the ribbon through the 2 sets of holes. Then you tie a knot on the back and then make a loop by tying another bow at the top. Then you can hang Santa's Magic Key from a door knob or hook or anywhere.

Design Space File: Click Here to Download

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  1. thank you so very much will make this with my granddaughter